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How to add I-SIP URN number in HDFC Netbanking

Under i-SIP, you may initiate an SIP for funds using a secure and automated gateway. To use the i-SIP facility, you need to have Netbanking-enabled account which needs to be KYC compliant as well.

The bank where you are holding a saving account has to be the one approved to offer an i-SIP facility.

You can follow these easy steps to avail an i-SIP facility.

Steps to activate your SIP through HDFC Netbanking:

  1. Go to HDFC netbanking page
  2. Login with your credentials into your account.
  3. Inside HDFC Net Banking Portal Go to BillPay & Recharge > Add Biller > Click on Continue.

hdfc netbanking

4. Click on Mutual Funds

SIP in HDFC bank-Add Biller

5. Select BSE Limited when the drop down opens.

SIP in HDFC bank-Select mutual fund

6. You will come to the biller details screen. Enter the following as described in the image below:

  • Add unique registration number(URN) for that fund shared with you.
  • Add "BSE SIP" as Name
  • Set standing instruction as Yes.
  • Set Pay entire bill amount as Yes.
  • Set payment mode as bank account
  • Select bank account from the drop down list
  • Click Continue to save

7. Click confirm again

SIP in HDFC bank-authorize biller

8. You will see that the biller has been approved on the confirmation screen.

SIP in HDFC bank-biller confirmation

9. You can view the added billers under registered billers section.

SIP in HDFC bank-view/delete biller

Why should you do this?

  • Hasslefree – You do it once and every month your investments get done automatically.
  • Paperless – No need to sign any cheques or courier any documents.
  • Secure – It’s completely safe as all your investments go through your net banking account.